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Welcome to the new While our services remain the same, I realized that our website did not reflect our latest projects. Over the past 18 months, we have deepened our partnership with leading IBM Business Partners in both the hardware and software space. By creating linkages between these partners, new opportunities have opened up in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, API Economy and Cyber Security. Some of the results that we have helped Business Partners accomplish so far:

  • A sales pipeline of over $30M Worldwide.

  • Market coverage has increased by roughly 25%

  • Saved over $550K in hiring costs.

  • Formal establishment of at least 4 strategic partnerships.

  • Improved access to vendor marketing funds by up 250%.

  • Delivering workshops/seminars that resulted in over $7M in new sales opportunities.

  • Leading transfer of distribution channels for major software partner

In January, 2017 - I was focused on helping an Advanced IBM Business Partner expand a new solutions that is focused bringing legacy systems into a Digital Era. As a result of this activity, a new market opened up for this partner in the ASEAN Region (also known as Southeast Asia). This led to a significant win for the partner and IBM with a well known insurance firm. By mid 2017; both IBM Partners decided to bring Artificial Intelligence into the Digital Transformation discussion. This focus on Artificial Intelligence led to significant win with a company that is born in the cloud. What is unique about this solution is that it utilizes Machine Learning to enhance internal technical support. By extension, this partner now also developed AI based Cyber Security and Banking Transaction BOTs - that brings practicality to AI engines such as IBM Watson. In turn, we are now working with specialty AI partners to provide young people with the skills they need to thrive in the digital economy. We will use this blog to talk about projects, research and news that impacts Solution Providers and Society as a whole. The world moves at a fast pace. We will do our best to catch up. If you would like to know more about how partnerships, or would like to discuss joining our ecosystem of partners, contact me directly at Be well, Rad