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Solutions Providers - Practice what you Preach!!

Today's IT decision makers are faced with an endless array of solutions options. These options become more complex as various lines of business now expect IT departments to be nimble and flexible. IT Leaders need partners who understand these expectations.

Thus imagine the disgust of many IT Leaders when they realize the vendors they have invested large amounts of time and money with - are themselves not nimble. From large technology vendors to well known solution providers - we are seeing a clear credibility gap when it relates to understanding the challenges facing IT Leadership teams. Here are some examples we have experienced over the past 2 years with our clients and partners:

1) Financial services customer is spending too much on application modernization. They approach 3 solutions providers who propose very similar approaches. While these approaches are more affordable than the status quo; the providers spent more time "making up" customer case studies.

What would be more powerful?

How about sharing your own painful path toward application modernization? What if you could show the customer a series of legacy applications that impacted your own employees and then demonstrate how you became more nimble? By showing a customer your journey towards improved application modernization, you are showing them that you under their challenges because you have been there before.

2) An IT Director at a Distribution company was receiving complaints from Warehouse workers about the various interfaces they have to use during shift. From scanner, to mobile to green screens to paper. The Director approaches their top 2 vendors; and again - the proposals are fine however they are missing something. YOUR TRUTH.

What if you can show this Director how you have streamlined processes and workflows for your own staff? For example, show them in real time how Salespeople can generate a proposal, invoice, payment and allocate technical resources to deliver on a project. Now this brings credibility.

It is time for more solution providers to show customers how they are transforming their business practices to better serve the market. Showing how you failed, made mistakes and continually seek improvement will go a long way to establishing trust and credibility with the marketplace.

In a future blogs we will explore this topic in further detail as it relates to Artificial Intelligence, Software Managed Services, API Economy and Cyber Security.

If you are a customer, tell us what you think?