"Real Deal" Diversity Training

Straight Talk on Diversity

HigherEye Consulting has an unique approach to addressing Anti-Black Racism and Diversity.   

First, we focus on real use cases and examples.   From either the news or from personal stories. 

Second, we encourage dialog and honest communication.   No matter how difficult the discussion may become. 

Third, we focus heavily on the economic and financial impact of anti-black racism.  The impact on the victims, perpetrators and general society.   This is where most Anti -Black Racism and Diversity training fail!  

Black PowerNomics

The influence of black culure

The Social  Impact of Racism

Mental and Physical health impcts

The Economic Impact of Racism

Why Racism hurts the Economy

Black Stereotypes at Home and Work

Understand your own Biases

Blacks and Supplier Diversity

Addressing racism with finance

How Big Data/AI can Solve Anti-Black Racism

The proof is in the data

HigherEye Consulting has conducted diversity workshops for a series of high schools in Peel Region over the course of many years.  The results had led to us having to take the issues of promotions for Black teachers much more seriously in Peel Region.

Rad Dockery's leadership on this file has saved the jobs of Black employees and executives.   His stance on these moral issues not only brought awareness but also brought results.   Even in the face of his career being threatened, he continued to do the right thing.

Vice Chair, Peel District School Board

Vice President, Global Technology Firm

"I recently spoke with an acquaintance, Rad Dockery, who was the first to tweet that infamous picture of former Mayfield vice principal Lionel Klotz. You might remember that school administrator whose livelihood was very much in question when his picture showed up in the Toronto Star. You may not know that Rad received the picture from another school board employee who was afraid to speak up, or that an online mob came to collect Rad's scalp.

At first, it was the deluge of threats and insults after his comments on City News. When that failed to shut him up, they decided to find out who cuts his cheques. It wasn't difficult, given his unique name, his open LinkedIn profile, and his employment in the public sector. Lionel Klotz is still employed as a vice-principal for the Peel District School Board, but Rad works for himself now."

I Give Up: Racists Can Have Halloween

By Andray Domise, Oct 29 2015


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