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BCP Implementation

Working with SMB firm in the financial services sector. Management and staff were misaligned on BCP strategy.  This misalignment created gaps between the lines of business and technology.  After engaging us, they were able to modernize their BPC, resulting in a rapid response to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Up to 75% quicker response than expected. 

Talent Management - Gender

Large retailer in Canada had challenges around retaining top female talent within their technology division. We developed a data driven dashboard where we integrated  various systems by leveraging low code solutions.  Resulting a full employee lifecycle view and development of programs to address gender gaps.   To date, retention rates of improved by 35%

BCP for Digital Channels

Motorcycle manufacturer began the journey to API enable inventory and revenue flows with 150 dealers nationwide.  The application transformation also led to a review of their BCP strategy.   We identified various points of failure and are in the process of updating their BCP documents.  This can save the customer hundreds of thousands weekly. 

BCP and Talent Management

Development Bank is tasked with attempting to ensure Business Continuity for female led enterprises.  COVID-19 has made this problem more challenging.   The bank has engaged us on BCP strategy for female led businesses and that will ensure that female employees are large firms are able to work in the face of any major disruption.   

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