The Case for Data Driven Diversity

According to the World Economic Forum, companies with gender diversity in leadership realize  48% higher operating margins,  42% higher return on sales and a 45% higher earnings per share. 

By teaming up with Christina Holt Enterprises and Unifai Solutions, we have developed a data-driven approach to Gender Diversity.  Together we bring data and analytics to Gender Diversity.  

Many Business Leaders are depending on AI to address Talent challenges. However, AI is failing to deliver on the promise of Gender Diversity.  Even technology powerhouses such as Amazon realized that AI accelerated gender bias. 

Without facts your Gender Diversity initiatives will fail.   It is time to move Gender Diversity to a data-centric approach based on facts.  Regardless of the various systems and applications that are critical to running your organization, we know how to integrate and present the data for your Senior Business Leaders. 


Benefits of a Data Centric Approach

Our approach integrates the data that resides in core Human Resources Management Information Systems, Application Tracking Systems, ERP, Legacy Systems, spreadsheets and word documents. By integrating data driven Gender Diversity knowledge with your current Talent and Succession planning, you realize the following benefits:  

1)  Gain an accurate, current state view of your progress on Gender Diversity.  

2)  Improved efficiencies by integrating disparate process and systems that impact Talent and succession planning.


Data Driven Gender Diversity Components

To get started with this Data Centric Approach to Gender Diversity, we provide the following:

1) Discovery Session:  Led by our Senior Talent Management and Succession Planning experts with decades of experience; we examine your current processes and workflow as it relates to Gender Diversity.

2) Technical Data Discovery:  Examining the systems and applications that your Business Leaders depends on as they manage talent.  From ATS, to HRMIS, ERP such as SAP and other legacy systems.  The goal here is ensure that ALL DATA IS EXAMINED!!! 

3)  Proof of Concept:  Starting at $45,000, we demonstrate our ability to integrate a data-set and provide the necessary analytics that will act as a basis to truly improve your Gender Diversity initiatives.  

4)  Go Live:  With consulting and technical expertise proven, a complete project plan with all business and technical components will be presented to your leadership team.  Various pricing options are available. 


Take the guesswork out of Gender Diversity with Data!

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