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Talent Management for
Digital Transformation

Most Digital Transformation initiatives fail due to lack of buy in from people and the misalignment of skills within an organization. 

By teaming up with S Brown Enterprises and HigherEye Consulting we have developed a data-driven approach to Talent Management.  Together we bring data and analytics to Talent Management

Without data about your staff , your Digital Transformation  initiatives will fail.   It is time to move Digital Transformation to a data-centric approach based on facts about your staff.  Regardless of the various systems and applications that are critical to running your organization, we know how to integrate and present the data for your Senior Business Leaders. 

The Benefits of our Approach

  • Eases pressure on Information Technology and Human Resource teams by allowing them to focus on Digital Transformation

  • Empowers executive leadership to make decisions on Talent  with the benefit of seeing the whole picture

  • Gain an accurate, current state view of your progress on Talent relative to Digital Transformation. 

  • Can be an useful element within Business Continuity Planning.

  • Improve efficiencies by integrating disparate process and systems that impact talent and succession planning

Glass Buildings

Benefits of a Data Centric Approach

















Our approach integrates the data that resides in core Human Resources Management Information Systems, Application Tracking Systems, ERP, Legacy Systems, spreadsheets and word documents.


By integrating data driven  knowledge with your current Talent and Succession planning, you realize the following benefits:  

1)  Gain an accurate, current state view of your progress on Talent and Staff.

2)  Improved efficiencies by integrating disparate process and systems that impact Talent and succession planning.



Data Driven Talent Management Components

To get started with this Data Centric Approach to Talent Management for Digital Transformation, we provide the following:

Discovery Session


Led by our Senior Talent Management and Succession Planning experts with decades of experience; we examine your current processes and workflow as it relates to Digital Transformation.

Technical Data Discovery

Examining the systems and applications that your Business Leaders depends on as they manage talent.  From ATS, to HRMIS, ERP such as SAP and other legacy systems.  

Proof of Concept


Starting at $45,000, we demonstrate our ability to integrate a data-set and provide the necessary analytics that will act as a basis to truly improve your digital transformation initiatives.  

Go Live 


With consulting and technical expertise proven, a complete project plan with all business and technical components will be presented to your leadership team.   

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