Making Business Sense of AI and New Technology

Invest in projects that provide REAL returns for today and tomorrow

In a recent workshop with 11 Senior Technology professions, only 1 was able to explain the value of their projects to Line of Business Executives. 

According to PWC, most CEO's believe that AI will have a huge impact yet nearly 1 in 4 has no plans to pursue it at this moment.  

Clearly there is a disconnect here.  

Our training programs are focused on bridging business  and around advanced technologies such as AI and BlockChain. 

Best of all, this training can be funded by up to 66%. 

Workshops Themes Include:

How to get real value out of Artificial Intelligence

  • What is AI, Machine Learning?

  • What is AI is NOT?

  • How to make sense of the AI hype

  • Overview of IBM, Google and other AI Offers.

  • How to get started with AI without blowing your budget

  • How over excitement about AI puts unnecessary pressure on your Technology department.  

  • When should you insource or outsource your AI initiatives. 

  • Real life use cases of AI Failures and Successes. 

  • How to evaluate AI providers, and separate the noise from real facts. 

  • How to engage your employees, partners and leadership on AI Initiatives. 

Business 101 for Technology Professionals 

  • Making the Business Case for your IT initiatives. 

  • How to build a financial model for your "boring" IT projects such as storage, data, network etc. 

  • Evaluation of your internal skills and talent in relation to legacy systems and new technologies.  

  • Development of plan to innovation while keeping the lights on.  

Our Reviews

Manager  - IBM Lab Services

"To let you know that the API Economy session today, went extremely well.  Rad is one of the best speakers I've seen. Very clear and compelling narrative,
instilling sense of urgency to act and innovate, to be leading and avoid being disrupted.  Very good trail of facts, use cases, customer situations and business outcomes."

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