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HigherEye Consulting was founded in 2002.  We began our journey as a global business consultancy working with school boards across Canada.  

After educating hundreds of teachers and students on the issue of global business and technology, we then ventured to help Canadian technology firms  export to markets such as Southern Africa, Southeast Asia and the United States.

Today, HigherEye Consulting is a data driven digital transformation consultancy focused on Business Continuity Planning and Talent Management for the Digital Era.  

We live at the intersection of People, Process and Technology.   It is the combination of this intersection that delivers rapid value to our clients.   Whether it be modifying a Business Continuity Plan to account for a new digital engagement strategy with key suppliers to ensuring that you can retain your best staff in this competitive environment - we bring professionalism and excellence to every client.  

Where traditional large consultancies spend more time on reports, we balance that time on data, people and execution.

HigherEye also gives back as mentors and volunteers to youth and an array of social causes.  Including aligning our core practice areas with the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals around Gender Equality, Economic Growth/Jobs and Community Development. 

Business Conference


Our Team


Radcliffe Dockery

Practice Director, Digital Transformation and Growth

Rad leads Digital Transformation workshops and strategy design for clients and partners globally.   He also leads sales engagements for HigherEye.  Rad has 21 years experience in Business Development and Technology design.   

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Four Fingers Consulting

Practice Director, Business Continuity Planning

Five Fingers Consulting provides Business Continuity Planning services for small to medium businesses.  They leverage their deep expertise in IT networks, compliance and business processes to ensure that their clients can be resilient. 

S Brown

Practice Director, Talent Management

S Brown offers data driven Talent Management Solutions that helps organizations attract and retain talent.  They leverage a data centric approach that provides organizations with the staffing information they need for successful digital transformation. 

Dwayne Wills

Practice Director, Cloud and Application Infrastructure

Dwayne leads the Cloud and Application infrastructure practice at HigherEye.   His experience includes time at IBM, TELUS and with both AWS/Azure cloud environments.  This includes virtual environments. 

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